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Lessons from My Dog: Overcoming

Reprint from July 20, 2019 I'm sitting here watching two dogs share the same Nylabone.  Gus and Hershey have developed a powerful bond, one built on trust and perhaps unspoken empathy. Our environment and experiences guide our actions. This process is hardwired into most animals as a form of preservation. The more potent the lesson, the more likely it is to be remembered.  Gus was found waddling downtown Steubenville with his litter. A young man packed them up in a box and brought them to the humane society.  He couldn't find the mother, and feared he hadn't caught the entire little.  It's possible that the mother was struck by a car. That moment of separation touched Angus' life, a bit of baggage that he still caries with him even if he can't remember the event itself.  To this day, Gus backs away if you reach out to pick him up. He frets if anyone in his environment cries, shouts, or expresses pain. It may also account for his fiercely protective

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