Drain Dream



Have you ever awoken after an uncomfortable dream and asked yourself, "What the hell was that supposed to mean?!"

My dream went someone like this:


It was a lovely new shower. New basin, new walls, new everything tucked into a large space. Water tapped across my back. What a wonderful, soul-refreshing experience. Realizing I should get on with the business of washing, I grabbed a cloth and a bar of Dial. And then the bar slipped and clattered across the floor. The shower drain cover wasn't on. 

I chased the soap as it swirled around the drain. What an odd drain it was, too! The plumbing contained a wet cement basin which collected the water and deposited into the pipe. I peered over the thing, the soap forgotten as it slid beyond my reach.

In hindsight, it is easy to come up with all sorts of metaphors. "Money down the drain" is the most obvious. I would agree, except the dream continued.

The drain dropped in on itself with all the potency of a building collapsing under its own weight. The gape rapidly widened, gobbling up shower tiles as it went. I pressed myself against the wall and screamed. The crumbling stopped. I peered down. There was enough ledge to stand on, for now. 

What do I do now? Claw my way out? Shout for help? No. Not Dream Me. I grabbed a second bar of soap and washed. Why waste time?

Nothing like starting the new year off with an asinine dream.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May 2024 bless you with health, wealth, humor, and drain covers.

The above 14" round shower drain cover is offered by Designer Drains. It sells between $80-$100, depending on finishes. I should have bought one of these rather than go with a boring cover. (Don't forget to buy matching cabinet door knobs!)