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Dog blogging

   My phone's touch screen thingy does not distinguish between my fingertips and dog body parts. Hershey accidentally dialed the USAFRCC ( Air Force Rescue Coordination Center) last year. I lose far too many games due to Angus' nose. So it was without any wonder that I logged in to find this post: Rgqver.cq r .  E .qv.vrfv eea rrvgeg m. V.v veg .$.$   .v. We've weerfeewwq we ever w,.vd,.d,v '.a ..s ac s.s . .a. .a cas.s v.vsdcscsD.SS ..  d.cssdds sc.vssc.v. d.d dcc .dvvs s. X S .d.vss sa SD  .vsc.s.vsscxd scdc s..w.fn2mf333b3ns.d d. N. S.cvcsbs. dd.c ..scc.dsss vc.vs Ds.3.d s c. V da.v d .cds..  c.d.c vs.c Cf. . Ds ssd.s . S.c. ss.dvcs. sc.   C.. .c.c . .dc.d . .sd.c. .DC d. .sds. . . so d. X Ss.  !-...m NM.  V. . . ,. ,.systemic, aa.c. d dSD. Dx. .c xd. D.xc. . .s  s s.z.    X z.  Z,z  xz X. . . l .gnm .p .p..p L  7 .... .in t z7,.  . O.n.. m7.  ..l5 .  Np x.. scary. .cz. 3.b.t.3..   Scary indeed. I don't know which dog blogged.

The Earwig

  IMAGE: National Geographic   There was an earwig on the top of the stove. You know, that high part with the oven buttons, so narrow that the weensy, unwelcome monster could slip through it to vanish from sight... and lay a host of eggs. Ah, skip the eggs. This was a bloke. This bloke did not belong inside. "I need the biggest thing!" I murmured.  Napkins would not do. I wanted the Bounty paper towels. What a great advert for Bounty. "So tough that you can squish an earwig with a single sheet!" I didn't want to squish it. It's a beneficial bug. I had hoped to collect it and then hit the backyard like a rocket while screaming "EW!" I pounced and trapped it! Success! My compassion towards the thing ended the moment it wriggled out of the paper towel. "OH my GOD!" It dropped to the floor. I began to scramble for it before it got under the stove.  The earwig decided to employ terror tactics. Its origami wings shot out and it lifted into the