Living Room to be Lived In


The living room is done! Claimed! Us!


I set the furniture at an angle - a visual trick to make a large space more comfy. 

The large chest on the left is an old valor my parents acquired early in their marriage. Based on the manufacturer's plate inside the drawer, the piece was built around 1904. Dad converted the clothing space into a home for his stereo, turntable, and other electronic toys. This is the same furniture that supplied our swimming pool with underwater music. I wouldn't expect anything less from a sound and electrical engineer.


My mother put the valor against a wall. It remained hidden unless you were seated in the living room and looking at the clutter surrounding it. I was going to get rid of it. However, it really is a pretty showpiece. Now it's a focal point from the foyer.

 My dogs love to photobomb. Happy Hershey:

Even happier Hershey:

 And we can't leave a happy Gus out:

This is the largest living room we have ever had. Our old one had some decent length, but part of that was dedicated to the front entrance. The width is what you see below. There is perhaps another 2 feet to the right of this picture (July 2006):


Jeff promised to have his room clean by Saturday. Meanwhile, I'm going to haul bookcases into the temporary office. We can transfer them over once we get the bed broken down. We can move the desk in, too. I'll need to paint before we load furniture in. I'm so excited!!! We're turning this house into our own home. Sure, it needs repairs, but that unexpected payment has allowed us to build things beautiful for us.

Please God, please! I would really like a toilet and washer/dryer hookups on the main floor. Please, please, please! I don't want us to have to use potty chairs or lug buckets upstairs in 10 years. Please give us that $8k in reserve so we can refinance with the VA once interest rates drop.

What does it mean when you forget how do you spell words?
An injury to the left parietal lobe of the brain sometimes damages the ability to remember how to spell words. This skill is known as orthographic memory. With deep agraphia, a person not only struggles to remember a word's spelling, but they might also have a hard time remembering how to “sound out” the word. [Apr 21, 2020]

Time to visit my neurologist. Every sentence above and here had misspelled words, as in I couldn't sound them out in my mind in order to write them. This shit has gotten worse lately, but it could be an indicator that my synthroid levels are too low.