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  Without further ado, I present the things marring our backyard. (Other than the dog pee.) WHITE CLOVER Our first guest is Trifolium repens , better known as white clover. Technically, it's a member of the bean family ( Fabaceae ). It's an evasive little brat that invades my flower beds. It's happy to tuck itself under just about everything. I take solace in the fact that bees love the flowers. I like to think I'm doing my part to keep the honeybee population thriving. And, to be honest, it really is good for the grass a ccording to Gilmour's " 6 Lawn Myths Busted " article: "As a natural lawn fertilizer, clover adds nitrogen to the soil which benefits surrounding grass plants. It's also green, hardy, and drought tolerant. It out-competes bad weeds and it grows well in shady spots."   COMMON PLANTAIN Plantago major, part of the Plantaginaceae family, isn't related to the fruit-bearing plant. European settlers br