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The Gruffchick Journal: Overview

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome. Gl├╝cklich zu sehen, Je suis enchant. Happy to see you. Bleibe, reste, stay.  If you recognize those lyrics, we'll get along fine. If you don't, we'll still get along fine, especially if you take the time to listen to them . And if you've taken the time to listen, congratulations on your new ear worm. You're welcome. The Gruffchick Journal arose during the initial days of the COVID19 pandemic. It's a madcap collectanea of life hacks, recipes, gardening, reviews - bits and pieces extracted from my various blogs and articles over the years. I might occasionally drop a "daily life" story here. However, you can still find both of my old, personal blogs at and . They still have the old "http" format ergo your browser may tell you to run like hell for lack of an "s". - Toni Wheeler