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War of the Water Towers

★•☆•☆• REPRINT •☆•☆•★ ... or how Big Things with More Than Two Legs scare the shit out of Humanity's offspring. Aliens are assholes Water towers unsettled me as a child.  Perhaps it was because they were massive balls suspended on only a few thin legs?  They groaned when the wind was fierce, and creaked when temperatures suddenly snapped from one extreme to another.  Foreboding due to their mass and height, they stood like resolute sentries, sometimes silhouetted by the full moon when not obfuscated by grumbling storm clouds.  We didn't climb them. We didn't go near them. Instead, we sat in our beds on stormy nights, and we waited with all the fever of a child eager to catch Santa at his job... but what we waited for wasn't anticipation of presents.  Nay, we wanted verification of the Supreme Truth that my friends in our tiny town knew: water towers were alien machines. Oh, you can laugh all you want.  It won't make much sense to people that haven

Stupid Blogger Issues

Looks like my blog template is no longer welcome on Blogger.  Make a new one?   I hope not! It's probably something I did while screwing around with my template. That makes it a stupid blogger issue.

A small dog in a big world

MEET ZOIE VON HEGGY She's a small dog in a big world and she loves every minute of it!  We thought about getting another Pomeranian. Scouring the Pommy rescue organizations proved futile. Yes, there are Pommies there. The cost to rescue them is on par with buying one from a puppy mill 1 .  The mills prosper. My love for Angus prodded me into searching for another Dachshund-Chihuahua mix. We adopt only from legitimate rescue organizations, many of which utilize Petfinder. And so, after a search, I came across Heggy . Who can say 'no' to that sweet face?! Heggy was with LUV4K9s Rescue 2 . You can still see her listing here . Heggy is a female puppy (born March 2021) Dachshund, Min Pin, Chihuahua mix as our best guess rescued as an owner surrender She is full of puppy energy and spirit. She loves toys and playing with other dogs. She is also a snuggler and likes loving on her humans. That's putting it mildly! Her spirit is indomitable. She's still settling in. Her ne

Eleanor Rigby

  Everyone has experienced an earworm from time to time. While music comprises much of this phenomenon, phrases or bits of literature also have a place in the most annoying thing to mankind. It's no surprise when I woke up with one of these playing in my head: "Eleanor Rigby". Never heard of her? I hadn't either. Her song didn't spring to life until 1966, quite a few years before my birth.  That changed once the Beatles ' "Yellow Submarine" debuted. It had occasional airtime beyond 1968.  Thus, one mid-summer afternoon while my Nonna was preparing dinner, I sat down and watched the movie. My memories are vague. I loved the songs and absolutely hated the dude with the pink butt. I also remember one song in particular: "Eleanor Rigby". I felt pity for her even as it caused me think about what I'd be like when I'm really old.   If you don't want to watch the clip, here are the lyrics: Ah, look at all the lonely people Ah, look

Nothing is Impossible


A foggy morning

  Heavy fog blankets the Ohio River. It cuts off our view of West Virginia and leaves the scent of rain though no drops have fallen. Perfect coffee morning.