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Neglected yard

 I'm struggling with depression. The yard is my usual spring/summer therapy.  It, like my life, is in absolute disarray. My back hasn't allowed me to thrive. I like order.  Clutter is my foe but I can't physically put some of the big things away.   The stuff in the background, of course, and not the sun-worshiping dogs. We had hoped to get the deck sealed, as well as the front porch. Nope. Thanks, spine. And there were so many nights in need of a bonfire. Nope. Thanks, spine. I refused to allow that stone walkway and its crabgrass defeat me this year. Success! That's it. That's the whole post. It hurts to exist. Surgery soon. Sadly, I have far too many drafts to publish here. Sorry fam. This blog, like my yard, continues to be neglected. Thanks, spine.

Hershey Update

c. August 2020   Hershey is home and doing well considering that he was split open from chest to prepuce. We had a scare yesterday - I thought an oblong mass was potentially a herniated intestine. Everything was pronounced OK after a quick stop at the vet's. He's done really well. We have not needed to leash him to deter him from bounding around; he has restricted himself and mostly won't jump off the bed or chair without assistance. I set two poof pillows on my desk in the evening, and he curls up on them while I browse YouTube. It's likely bad for my back to slump with him. He's worth it. 💕

Hershey Hospitalized

    Hershey is in the hospital... and not for falling asleep and sliding down the couch arm. The bastard got into the trash (again) and managed to eat an incontinence pad. I had pushed away from the desk to get more tea and I saw the hall and bathroom littered with shredded plastic.  My anger sunk to horror when I realized that he had consumed all of the absorbent material. This stuff  potentially plays hell with the digestive tract. My primary fear was blockage of his intestines. Call the vet! I hate dragging anyone away from Sunday afternoon relaxation. Still, in our panicked state, we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Thank God Dr Kurt answered his phone. Induce vomiting!   We were out of hydrogen peroxide. Better Half ran to Walgreens while I raced around in search of...something... anything?! ... a turkey baster. The formula is one teaspoon of  H 2 O 2   for every 5 pounds of weight. So I brought the measuring spoon and a measuring cup outside. I do not r

The Unfortunate Fox Review

  Better Half and I went on an Antoine de Saint-Exupéry kick months ago. We watched the The Little Prince movie, and I ordered the book and a stuffed fox on Amazon. This was in April. April. The fox arrived today. It looks nothing like the images on the seller's page.     One of these things is not like the other, yeah? Amazon seems to deem my reviews too caustic. The one I sent in today probably will not be published. I'll post it here for posterity.   NOT WHAT WAS ADVERTISED   This item from the Yueyang County Shengu Department Store (岳阳县申固百货店) is NOT what is advertised: 1. It is not "super soft and it feels like you are hugging a cloud". Yes, the material is soft. The filling feels cheap and it not uniformly packed or fluffy. 2. This can not be used as nap pillow. As a home decoration, it could be easily mistaken for roadkill. 3. It is not a "Perfect Decoration, They suit for bedroom, living room, home, office, nursery bed,car and every place you like".

Garden Glimpse

 Nothing important here. Just uploading a few images of our back garden. It's shaggy and overrun, but still enjoyable.

Rise of the Titans

  There are spoilers here. Not too many. Just one: Jim resets time to the day he found the amulet and Toby becomes the Trollhunter. What the actual fuck? you might ask. Perhaps you felt let down by the ending? I certainly was. The producers shit on their franchise. And it is a franchise.  And so we come to the end of the franchise with Rise of the Titans and an ending that shits upon the entire journey we have taken over the course of six years. If we learned anything from Wizards , it is that meddling with time is not a good idea. We are making part of the drama the difficulties of time travel; namely it’s very easy to screw up the future if you don’t know what you’re doing. And we have some characters in Wizards who could safely be described as not quite knowing what they’re doing. So, we definitely wanted to show the consequences, and also live with the stakes of what happens if you make a change to the past you did not intend . -Marc Guggenheim, Executive Producer Wizards How do

Mike and Ike Candy - or - Things I Do That Annoy My Husband

  My Better Half bought a bag of Mike and Ike fruit candy. I ask permission to have some. "Don't eat the green and red ones." Hey, it's his snack. What he didn't say was, "Don't eat all the other ones." He's out for the morning. I separated all the colors and put the red and green ones back in the bag.  

Enema Mine, a Fleeting Moment

   Enemas. They've been around since... hmm. I should look this one up. In other contexts, enemas are used by some alternative health therapies, used for enjoyment, chiefly as part of sexual activities, but also in sadomasochism, as well as simply for pleasure, used to intoxicate with alcohol, used to administer drugs for both recreational and religious reasons, and used for punishment. No. I did not need to be reminded of this. Some people engage in odd romps. That's fine. Keep your pursed back door and tossed salad to yourself. None of this has anything to do with the actual topic at hand. One more time:   Enemas. They have been around since antiquity. The first mention of them in medical literature is in the Ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus (c. 1550 BCE).  We have evolved the procedure since the mid 1900's. Today, you can purchase a Fleet kit without ever having to worry about those bladder-sized bags and massive tubing. Personally, I have not had an enema in decades. Unti

The Floral Foyer

   The floral foyer image above is not part of my own home, though I have used it several times and dearly wish I could incorporate its colors into this blog. The photo was first published on the web by a site in Vietnam. "Hãy chào đón mùa xuân với mẫu giấy dán tường họa tiết hoa đầy màu sắc nào," was the caption. Translated, it reads, "Let's welcome spring with this colorful floral pattern wallpaper." The site has some glorious photos on it. If you decide to visit, here is a loose translation of the first two paragraphs: Decorate the entrance to the house to be outstanding Every homeowner wants to make their home design more impressive, but more importantly, create a memorable point for each guest who comes to visit. Therefore, many homeowners are investing a lot of money and effort in decorating their living room. But in our opinion, what makes the first impression of the guests is not the interior design of the living room but the entrance area.   Although

Grumpy Gruff

   Well, sort of grumpy. I am looking forward to updating a few things here. I am not looking forward to the work involved. Blogs are not popular anymore. "Tweet it!" said one of my followers. I do tweet it, often babbling about stupid shit, but sometimes I capture a thought or mood or moment as it unfolds. It's a liberty we don't have when blogging. Instead, we have to sit down and expand upon our experience, I suppose, "After the fact." I am not grumpy about any of that. Everything I wrote above was just a mild rant. My grumpiness oozes from the dark corners of pain. We are counting down the days until my back surgery. August 16 is D-Day. The damage to the bone and nerve has worsened, and I could have had it done this week, but my insurance won't cover UPMC.  I am fairly peeved about that.  The pain is indescribable at this point. It is there, PAIN. Stabbing, shooting, screaming, clawing. I wish I could say I am being melodramatic; a Sarah

Plaid Pants

     I'm out of clean shorts so I put on my plaid stretchy pants. I suppose they look alright...until you get to my flabby thighs and massive ass.  Roll back thirty-seven years, and you would likely cringe at my thunder thighs and rock solid butt. No fat except my tits and parts of my face. I weighed between 150-170. Thirty-seven years. Christ almighty. I was not a pretty girl. Sure, people thought my eyes were beautiful. They liked my smile. But I was bulky, thus I really couldn't embrace the 80's fashion. I had to wear men's sneakers and boots, t-shirts, and jackets. My foot size is still a men's 10. I looked alright in a singlet , and most people didn't care if I was wearing a men's shoe during competitions. <rambling /> Edit 7 July 2021 My plaid stretchy pants don't fit. They're giving me so many Goddamn meds that my body swelled. Eight pounds worth of that swelling.  My neurologist's NP told me to pull down my mask as she was concerne


This is a challenge for ALL that consider themselves AMERICAN PATRIOTS . It is RALLY towards a BATTLE waged in every state and community. It is a CALL TO ARMS against the enemy infiltrating our nation. You will not need a firearm or blade. You do not have to be in shape or athletic. You simply have to wear a mask or else get vaccinated. Still reading? Of course you are. You're a PATRIOT , not some pussy socialist! A TRUE AND TRULY PREPARED PATRIOT knows that wearing a mask  does not take away  your inalienable rights. It is not an attempt to silence you. Wearing it will not make you seem weak, or ugly, or silly. WEARING A MASK IS NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT NOR SHOULD IT EVER BE CONSIDERED SO. Wearing a mask PROTECTS you and your FELLOW AMERICANS from HARM . If you won't do it for yourself, do it for those back home. Getting vaccinated PROTECTS you and your FELLOW AMERICANS . These are the vaccines developed during Trump's term. VACCINES ARE NOT A MEANS TO CONTROL Y