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Introduction Hello. I'm Toni. Welcome to the ramblings of a gruff chick. Don't let the badly dyed pandemic hair mislead you. I left my 30s a long ago and haven't looked back since. I earnestly believe this is due to a crick in my neck. Or dementia. It runs in the family. Better Half (Jeff) and I have been married over 25 years. No kids but plenty of dogs. We've had our share of adventures, moving from Colorado to Ohio, my battle with cancer, Better Half's heart woes, walking away from our dream to care for my ailing father, both of our fathers passing, and losing Better Half's mom this year.  It's been an interesting but also fun trip through trials and tribulations. We tend to combat gravity with levity. We live in an old house with old wiring, old pipes, and a very old kitchen. This puts a dent in my recipe sharing and product reviews. Gone are the Pembroke Cottage days. Ah, well. Such is life. If you've been a follower since the Bemused M