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Gathering stars

    Inspiration can be found anywhere, even Reddit and Twitter. For example, a short story about an aunt. "It's not exactly on the death bed, but is close as it gets. My aunt had cancer. She knew she was going to die and she knew it would probably be in less than a week. She couldn't eat and drinking was panful [sic]. She wanted to be sedated heavily (kept asleep permanently, essentially) for the last few days because this whole dying thing was getting on her nerves. She said she has had more than enough of it. So fair enough, a doctor was called up, a plan is made and carried out. The last thing my aunt said before going under for the rest of her life was, "Ah, I see the stars, they're sweet and run carefree. Gather them up..." and that's when she went under. She died 3 days later. Nobody knows what she meant. But somehow, those last words fit her. My uncle (her husband) got them tattooed on his chest, over his heart, and now says there's somet

Eternal Rest

     The Big Day is nearly here and there is still so much not done. This blog, for instance. I have nineteen unfinished articles.  I wish I could say they were filled with aspirations and reconciliations. They aren't. That's caused me to be grumpy. "Growls at nothing" should be carved on my tombstone. Not that I need one. I want my ashes scattered in Ohio. Preferably in a federally owned wilderness area or conservation land. I can haunt poachers.  It needs to be said:  I am not a "nature person". I have physical limitations which are readily apparent to predators; I flop and flail on trails. I am allergic to insect bites and stings. I get lost easily. I hate camping.  I love the woods and woodland creatures, so I love the idea that ghosts don't worry about insect bites and falling down hills. And nobody would bother my ghostly ass if I'm haunting a government-owned forest. But, knowing my bad luck, I would end up in a JÇ«tunheimr guarded by an