Happy Halloween Fam!

It is never too late to find a minion and slice it open to reveal the delicious... well, whatever those inside are. I would ask Blossom but she looks kinda busy at the moment.


I had a lengthy article in the works but I went downstairs to help hand out bedtime biscuits to the dogs. My chair was away from the desk. Absolutely nowhere near it. I returned to find the entire page blank, followed by the useless letters typed by evil paws. Zoie also stole the tortilla chip shaped like a camel.

 A brief recap:

  • The history of Halloween in Europe and the US
  • A polite nod to the Catholic holiday on November 1
  • Stuff about Los Dias de los Muertos

Everything had vanished while I was gone.


At least the picture was saved already. Yay. Woo.

Can this night get any worse? Yes. I forgot to buy wood. I wanted to surprise Jeff (and the neighbors) with a nice bonfire.

Alright. There's still time to celebrate this holiday. Let's pick ourselves up and do Blossom proud by setting things on fire!