Analog Truck Is Analog

My Bronco is digital
My F-150 is analog

I appropriated Old Rumbly to run errands this afternoon. My first thought was, "Where is the backup cam display?" followed by, "Where is the phone-charger deck?"

It's been a while since I've driven the truck. My next thoughts involved the still-broken turn signal, and why we needed to slam the driver's door to get it to close. My poor truck.

It does possess some state of the art features, like the CD player AND a USB port. I swear, I WILL find an 8-track or cassette player to round out sound options.

But first, the door. There's some damage on the outside. Someone had to have hit it. There's always the chance that Jeff whacked the hell out of a tree stump, but not multiple times. There are also scrapes higher on the door. Again, I don't think one of us damaged this area.

Meh. Might as well stop for coffee and a small slice o' pumpkin pie 

And so, I did.