The Floral Foyer (reprint)

Yet another picture of the same foyer. I needed the magazine link. Enjoy the reprint from July 11, 2021

   The floral foyer image above is not part of my own home, though I have used it several times and dearly wish I could incorporate its colors into this blog. The photo was first published on the web by a site in Vietnam.

The caption is "Hãy chào đón mùa xuân với mẫu giấy dán tường họa tiết hoa đầy màu sắc nào." Loosely translated, it reads, "Let's welcome spring with this colorful floral pattern wallpaper."

The site has some glorious photos on it. If you decide to visit, here is an also loose translation of the first two paragraphs:

Decorate the entrance to the house to be outstanding. Every homeowner wants to make their home design more impressive but, more importantly, [to] create a memorable point for each guest who comes to visit. Therefore, many homeowners are investing a lot of money and effort in decorating their living room. But in our opinion, what makes the first impression of the guests is not the interior design of the living room but the entrance area.

Although it is just a secondary space, it plays an important role in the interior design of the house because this is the place that leaves the first impression for the guests who come to visit the house. Therefore, the decoration of space must be both economical and affordable, but also effective. So we have given a few suggestions for door design below with the use of wallpaper patterns.

The link: V-Home Architecture