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I suspect Zoie raided my desk top while nobody was looking. My empty cough drop bag was pushed into a corner. There was some effort put in to get my destroyed (by Zoie!) CPaP mask. But it was the search history that truly gave her away.

I don't know what liuipucccccccccccccccccccccccccccik is supposed to be. It's not something I would type. Could have been Jeff doing it, maybe?

Google Translate seems to think it is Hawaiian. I'm not so sure: Google's suggestion.

Liuipu, or LEW-ee-poo, has a odd ring to it. It also changes when we add the "c", becoming lee-way-puck. 

That all goes out the window once when adding more than one "c". Each is pronounced "see" followed by "eye" and "kay". 

Google insists that the "cik" bit is Latvian, and loosely means "how much".  It could be pronounced "seek" and "tsik" depending on whatever language Google throws at me. 

I'm halfway tempted to make a Twitter account just for the dog and then post ridiculous opinions on everyday topics.  

Done. HarlequinZoie

I really don't have a life.  That's readily apparent by Angus and Hershey's Grackle House Dogs  account.